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Indoor Worship

Indoor Worship instruction

  • Worship will be held in the Fellowship Hall which is handicap accessible. Windows will be open for better ventilation. Dress for possible cooler temperatures.

There will one entrance and one exit.

  • Please enter the building on the parsonage side of Fellowship Hall and exit on the road/cemetery side.
  • Congregants able to walk a distance are encouraged to park in the upper parking lot and walk around to the entrance below.
  • The lower parking lot usage will be for people with mobility issues.
  • All other entrances to the church building will be locked.
  • Please dismiss by rows from front to back remaining socially distanced, at the end of worship. You may visit outside.

Health Protocols for entrance must be followed.

  • Masks must be worn by all; if you are unable to wear a mask you are invited to worship online. Masks must cover nose and chin. Masks will be available for those who forget.
  • Before entering Fellowship Hall, each congregant will be met by a greeter who will do a touchless temperature check and collect name/phone number for tracking purposes only.
  • Ushers will seat congregants in the Fellowship Hall with social distancing standards. Families may sit together.

Order of Worship

  • The large screen may be used to avoid use of paper bulletins.
  • There will be no singing but there will be music, live and/or recorded.
  • Rhythm instruments, hand motions, ASL and other means of participation may be encouraged.
  • Holy Communion is on the first and third Sundays of the month. After signing in with the greeter, worshippers will pick up a sealed bag containing a wafer and a cup of wine. Grape juice and gluten free wafers will also be available. At the time of Communion, after the pastor blesses all the elements, worshippers will be invited to eat and drink at their seats.
  • A covered box for receiving offering will be available in the worship space. Online giving is encouraged. Please click here to make an online donation.
  • No KidsTable or Worship Bags will be offered at this time.

Bathroom protocol is “police yourself.”

  • After washing your hands, use one of the provided wipes to wipe down the door handle as you exit. Then deposit the wipe in the trash can placed outside the bathroom.

Cleaning and disinfecting between or after services.

  • Our professional cleaning service will clean and disinfect the Fellowship Hall, the bathrooms and any other areas needed on a weekly basis. We also have purchased a hydrogen peroxide spray that we will used to disinfect between cleanings.